Medical dispatching

Welcome to Medical Dispatching 2014 Prague!

In october 2015 we held Medical Dispatching in Prague. Followed the inaugural European Emergency Medical Dispatching 2013 held in Stockholm, last year we welcome you to the city of Prague. Medical Dispatching 2014 Prague is a European conference with a specific focus on emergency medical dispatching. The aim of the conference is to facilitate discussion and collaboration among European emergency medical dispatch leaders, staff, scientists and students to foster further collaboration.

Prague, titled the Heart of Europe, has been the intersection of European cultures and a source of reformative ideas since medieval times. Therefore, we believe that it is the right place to come to, share and discuss different approaches, systems, education and training in emergency medical dispatching – a vital link in any chain of medical care.

We enjoyed this unique conference and enjoyed beautiful autumn in the city of Prague.

We look forward to meet you again!